ChinaTown Places for Wholesale Plus Size Clothing Extravaganza

ChinaTown Places for Wholesale Plus Size Clothing

Whether you’re in New York, Los Angeles, or California, shopping can be expensive. But it need not be as long as you know where to shop. You know what these three cities have in common?


What’s in Chinatown?

Chinatown is a treasure trove of bargains and discounts, and when done right, you can practically save up to hundreds of dollars just by shopping here. They have it all – herbal stores, bakeries, clothing stores and boutiques, and even restaurants. Chinatown is like a mini-city in its own right, and houses a lot of businesses from a mixture of Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, and even American business owners.chinatown, wholesale clothing stores

But don’t be fooled by the exteriors of the stores – assuming you’ve been to either the Chinatown in New York or the Chinatown in Los Angeles. The stores may look old and run down, but the interiors are wider than any other store in any mall nationwide.

What can we expect from Chinatown?

For starters, they are home to a great deal of deals. I am talking about fantastic opportunities to go into business with wholesalers. Whether you’re in LA or New York, here are some of the best wholesale clothing stores that you can find in Chinatown.

Smart Glamour

  436 E 9th St
New York, NY 10009

b/t East 9th St & Avenue A
East Village, Alphabet City

If you ever had a bad shopping experience because you’re plus-sized, look no further. Smart Glamour is a store that adores and love plus-sized women – catering not only to providing clothes for their customers but to also empower them towards body acceptance.

They have an amazing line-up of fashion staples like blouses, dresses, skirts, shoes, and accessories. The prices are a little bit higher compared to other wholesale clothing stores, but the quality that you get is worth the few extra dollars.

What’s so good about Smart Glamour?

I love that it sends a positive message for plus-sized women like me and you. If you are planning on reselling their clothes, you better share the same goal and that is EMPOWERMENT.

Forever 21 Red

  490 Fulton St
Downtown Brooklyn, NY 11201

B/t Bridge St & Lawrence St
Downtown Brooklyn

Forever 21 Red is a basement store, right underneath the Raymour and Flanigan building. Right off the bat, it’s not something you can spot without looking for it. To be honest, this is kind of a big let-down on the store’s part because they have to make their customers work to finding the store.

But trust me when I say the effort is worth it because once you get to Forever 21 Red, you will be entering a full blown F21 downstairs. The floor size is amazing and the collection is just as impressive as their entire store.

What can you expect from F21 Red?

Like most F21’s, you can expect to get good deals out of their clothes that look just as impressive as any designer brand.

Thick Women’s Fashion

  1230 Santee St
Los Angeles, CA 90015

Thick Women’s Fashion is considered as one of LA’s go-to store for anything plus-sized and has one of the best deals as one of the most reliable wholesale clothing stores in the west. From tops to pants to leggings, Thick Women’s Fashion is here to stay.

What’s not to like about Thick Women’s Fashion?

Thick Women’s Fashion has an amazing collection of clothes that will give your potential customers a chance to dress up – whether it’s for casual wear, for corporate events, or a fancy date at a restaurant. Trust me, making up your mind as to what clothes to pick will be as difficult as choosing where to shop next in Chinatown.

Glamour Girl Curves

  5365 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Glamour Girl Curves is one of those wholesale clothing stores that have amazing collections and an even more amazing collection to boot. Though their boutiques are slightly smaller than their wholesaling counterparts, they can still give them a run for their money.

What’s so good about Glamour Girl Curves?

Their collection is cute and the prices are stellar. If you know your merchandise, then you can definitely vouch for Glamour Girl Curves’ products.

Jackie’s Closet

5595 Huntington Dr N
Los Angeles, CA 90032

El Sereno

Jackie’s Closet is a relatively new boutique and they have a large variety of clothes to choose from – from plus-sized tops and shoes to accessories. They have great prices for great selections and the clothes look just as incredible.

On top of that, the staff here at Jackie’s Closet are accommodating too. They have yet to become one of the top wholesale clothing stores in LA, but as soon as they offer wholesale services, investing in their inventory will be worth it.

HME Boutique

3282 City Terrace Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90063

East Los Angeles

HME Boutique was established in 2009 and like Jackie’s Closet, it’s one of those relatively new wholesale clothing stores in Los Angeles. Apart from their wholesale, they also have retail outlets with a wide selection of clothes to choose from. You can use your credit cards, cash, and even avail of their Layaway options when buying clothes from HME Boutique. They’re also known for their very random sales, so keep an eye out from time to time.

Rachel Pally

2301 E 7th St
Ste 100E
Los Angeles, CA 90023

Rachel Pally is known for throwing warehouse sales and most of the time, they sell out faster than an NBA player going from one team to the next. The prices are too insane and the collection is too impressive. Going for wholesale and signing up Rachel Pally as one of your wholesalers is the best thing that you can do for your reselling business.

New York and Los Angeles are just home to a few good wholesale clothing stores in the USA and when research is done right, you’ll find that there might be wholesale clothing stores in your own area too. With wholesale, you can never go wrong with volume-centric buying.

Did we miss out on any wholesale clothing stores? Let us know in the comment section below.

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ChinaTown Places for Wholesale Plus Size Clothing Extravaganza

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