The Top and Trusted Brands and Places to Buy Plus-sized Clothing

Top and Trusted Brands and Places to Buy Plus Size Clothing

Some brands in the market today are now catering to plus-sized individuals because they are aiming to capture an entirely new market in the fashion industry. Shops and brands are now offering plus size clothing for plus-sized individuals at an affordable price.

To top it all off, these brands and shops are not going to stick you with mediocre designs and styles. Rather, they aim to make plus-sized people like you look good and feel good through their clothes. They’re not going to shame you for looking for an XXL size.

Talk about boosting your self-esteem.

After careful research and browsing over the Internet, I’ve narrowed down the top shops and brands to look out for when it comes to plus size clothing.

Not appearing in any order, these are my 5 top brands of plus size clothing.

Old Navy

Old Navy is your grandfather’s type of brand of clothing. You know, those casual clothes that he wears whenever he comes over. Well, Old Navy just so happens to be up to date with the latest trends in clothing, particularly plus size clothing. The styles are not only limited to casual wear as they can also provide you with evening wear to a classy restaurant, a preppy business suit or blouse, and even more casual clothes. To top it all off, you don’t need to spend more than $60 to buy their clothes.old navy

Vince Camuto

Vince Camuto is more than just amazingly designed shoes. The brand is known for their affordable plus-sized clothing with a wide range of selection, from everyday dresses to everyday office outfits to weekend elegant classy dates. The prices are also too good to boot as the seasonal discounts come and go as frequently as their shoppers. The price tags for their clothes range from $69 to $169.

Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant is a collaboration of two designers and is inspired by the runway. This retail shop offers designer clothing with a cheap price tag, so for those of you who want to look good walking down the street or those who want to turn heads, this brand is for you. They have clothing, active wear, lingerie, and swim wear and their products cost between $60 to $158.


This is probably one of the best go-to brands for plus-sized shoppers. With a wide selection of clothing for weekend selections, formal occasion, and accessories, Torrid is a haven for those who want to flood their closet with the best affordable plus size clothing.

Lucky Brand

If you’re looking for denims and leg flares, Lucky Brand is your place to go. This brand is one of the most reliable sources for affordable plus-sized clothing in the market. Their jeans are always looking up to date and they’re not going to scare adult buyers with their price tag not even hitting the $100 mark.

But the brands don’t really matter if you don’t know where you can buy your clothes. That’s why I also handpicked some shops that will provide you with plus-sized clothing that will make you look and feel good.

These places are awesome if you’re on the hunt for top quality wardrobe that’s cheap and high quality. Again, these are not appearing in any order.


For women in the UK, Evans is the place to go as they offer plus size clothing at an affordable price and topped by insane discounts on clothing, footwear, and accessories. They even offer free delivery for buyer who purchase more than $70.


Much like Evans, Very is another excellent place to buy “very” affordable plus size clothing. Pardon the pun. They offer an amazing lineup of products coming from different brands and retailers, with displays coming from famous people like Gemma Collins. For those who’re on the hunt for premium clothing, Very is the place to be.


It’s the sound that your wallet makes when you open it and find that Bohoo is the place to be for up-to-date wardrobe with insanely low prices. That’s right. Your wallet is crying for joy as Bohoo is home to affordable plus size clothing for as low as $8. Your eyes are not lying. As low as $8. If you want to give yourself a makeover without hurting your wallet, Boohoo is the place.

Marks and Spencer

That’s right. The shop that needs no introduction. Marks and Spencer, is the most famous brand and shop on this list and their inclusion of plus size clothing into their clothing category has made them one of the favorites for shoppers worldwide. Summer sales are something to look forward to as prices drop by as much as 60%.


F&F is Tesco’s house brand, and much like Marks and Spencer, it’s a famous shop for those plus size clothing. With an outstanding array of plus size clothes in their stores, you won’t be able to leave the store without getting something that you fancy. The wallet-friendly prices are too good to be true as well.

The bottom dollar

Buying plus size clothing need not be a hassle, and you don’t need to limit yourself with generic brands and shops that people haven’t really heard of. Plus-sized individuals like you have an equal chance of looking good and dressing the part just as much as everyone else. And just because you’re bigger than someone doesn’t mean that you don’t have the right to look good. Plus-sized individuals are a brand new market for the fashion industry and it’s a crying shame if brands or shops did not cater to them.

Browsing the Internet will provide you with all the information that you need for your shops and brands to look out for in your area.

Do you need to spend a lot of money? My answer is no. The shops and brands that I’ve listed here are known for their amazing prices and choices.

Do you have any brands or stores that did not make it to the list? Send them over via our comment section and we’ll be sure to compile another new list very soon!

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The Top and Trusted Brands and Places to Buy Plus-sized Clothing

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