Essential Tips for Short and Extra-Curvy Plus-Sized Women

Tips for Short and Extra-Curvy Plus-Sized Women

Plus-sized individuals fall privy to a wide range of figure-related problems. Some are tall, some are short, and there are those that have more curves than others. Truth be told, there are a lot of plus size styles for plus-sized women, but one still needs to be careful when it comes to picking out which wardrobe fits either height or curves.

For women working with extra curves, there’s no need to be ashamed as they can work with these techniques to maximize their wardrobe and to look good.

Figure out what works and what doesn’t

The trend for plus-sized women revolves around figuring out what works for them and what doesn’t. Fashion trends can dictate what you wear, but it doesn’t mean that you should always listen to the trend. If one trend doesn’t work out for you, there’s no harm in not following it. It’s up to you to figure out how to make the trend work for you for the meantime. If bright colors are the IN thing for this month, why not just work with your bright colored clothes instead of buying new ones?

Dress for your body shape

A challenge for some, dressing for your body shape does mean it’s the end of your style and theme. The most important thing for extra-curvy women is that you have to buy dresses that will accommodate your body type and size. Too tight could exaggerate your size and too loose could exaggerate your weight. Pear-bodied women might want to focus on dressing for proportion so as to take advantage of the shape that’s made to die for by other women.

Show off your assets

Dressing for your body type also means one thing: to show off your asset. That’s right, girl. Your curves are your asset and they make you look as beautiful as any other woman. Flaunt that. Show it off. Make people turn their heads!

Colors can be flattering

Flattering in a way that it can help you achieve the look that you want. Do you want to look slimmer? Go for dark colored clothes. The dark colors allow for minimal shading and thus, the shadows that usually form around your curves are gone and this gives off the illusion of a smaller and leaner figure.


Accessories are great for accentuating your look, much like a beautifully worded poem can be enhanced greatly by a single punctuation mark. Are you wearing a sun dress? Top it off with a flowered scarf or a pair of sunglasses.

Your undergarments can make you look good too!

What do you mean my undergarments can make me look good? Your undergarments can make or break your wardrobe for the day because, like accessories, they can accentuate or exaggerate. Going for a halter dress? Go with a strapless bra. Going to work in slacks? A pair of spanks can help you get a thinner and leaner pair of legs.

It doesn’t take much for plus-sized women with extra curves to look good. It’s all about trying to be creative with what you have (assets and wardrobe) and turning both of them into a full-fashion advantage.

Now, for plus-sized women dealing with the problem of height, it’s not that difficult to pull off that look you wanted. As someone who’s dealt with the gift of plus-sized figure and the gift of a short height, I can attest to the fact that height will never become a burden when it comes to fashion. Those models you see ramping up Victoria’s Secret fashion shows wish they had my height.

So how do you make short work of a short height? Pardon the pun.

Wear monochromatic colors

A single color that covers you from head to toe will give off the illusion of height. Brighter and different colored outfits will often make you look blocky or stacked, so your height becomes more exaggerated with different colors.


Heels are your best friends and this is a must for short girls like me. The height advantage provided by heels can be too much to pass on. A pair of stilettos or wedge can add a few inches to your height and it also gives off the illusion of long legs.

High-waist for more height

In terms of appearance, there’s a trick to adding more to your height and that is to manipulating your proportions. High waist pants and skirts can easily do this because it gives off the illusion of longer legs and a slimmer silhouette.

Maxi dresses for maximum length

Another style that short people like me can go for is maxi style. Maxi dresses and/or skirts can cover you up, but when worn right, they can try to elongate your height. The illusion provided by the maxi skirts and dresses can give off longer legs and a slimmer figure.

Shorter hem

Short skirts, when paired with the right shoes, can make your legs look leaner and longer. When possible, wear hems that only reaches above your knees for that maximum illusory perception.

Pants are your friends

With the right type of pants, your proportions can be easily accentuated and the right fitted pants is the next best thing. When choosing a pair of pants, go for a pair that fits you and avoid those bulky looking ones. If you’re going to be more specific, go for boot-cut types.Cropped pants are a no-no because they make your legs look thicker, and not longer.

You don’t need to be ashamed of your body type or height to pull off that style you’ve always dreamed of. Actresses like Rebel Wilson have walked the Red Carpet flawlessly with confidence because they have accepted their body types and so should you. Remember, with confidence, you can wear plus size clothing and look just as beautiful as those skinny models you see on the television.

By following these rules, you can pull off any themed outfit – and it doesn’t even matter if you are short or extra-curvy.

Do you think we missed out on any rules for us, beautiful plus-sized women? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Essential Tips for Short and Extra-Curvy Plus-Sized Women

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