Plus Size Dresses That Will Make You look much Younger

‘Life begins at forty’. This might sound cliché but is actually true. At this age, life is much settled with fewer worries .It is absolutely fine if you are not settled yet or are still in that struggling stage,the time will come when finally you will think to yourself that all the hard work has paid off and now you are going to spend a little bit of time on yourself.At this age, men will experiment on some of their teenage years’ ideas, a stage that they call midlife crisis. For the women, their fashion sense drops almost to zero. The scenario is even worse for the plus size women. However, this need not be the case. The woman can get the best plus size dresses that would still reflect properly on her age and image.You dont have to be all boring and tired all the time. Add colours to your life and wear dresses that makes you look classy and elegant and a little younger than your actual age.

Try dressing young

In order to look and feel young, you have to dress the part. Do not be afraid to try out new dresses that might make you look much younger. The reason why forties are the new thirties is because of the dressing. Look for dresses that are much more youthful. This can also be a great confidence booster for the plus size ladies who are well into their forties. However, be sure not to overdo it. At this age and time, decency is of paramount importance. Select good colours. Go for some bright colours but again,the key is to not over do it. The lovely pastel shades of Blue and Pink make you look younger too. If you don’t like pink,then go for a dusty pink shade.Sea blue perhaps is too bright,go for navy blue or dusty blue.These are so many colours that make you look young. The combination that you go for is also paramount.I would avoid grey colours on their own. If you really like grey,pair it with a contrasting colour. Doing this will make you look elegant and also a few years younger.

Be ready to shop

Sitting around the house will never get you the plus size dresses that you so much desire to own. You must be ready and willing to invest both your time and finances into the whole process. That means that you have to check the fashion catalogues more frequently to get the latest trend in plus size dresses, especially for the much older woman. You must also be willing to go to the stores as you probably did some time back and make the selections and eventually the purchase. The best place to begin the search would be online.There are so many websites that you could visit.The latest being Curvissa that is being marketed at the moment on a lot of TV channels.You could also check on Instagram all the profiles that upload plus size clothing and pictures on a regular basis. You will find so many styles and dresses that you will be amazed. These days internet is all you need to get ideas and styles. If you go on to pinterest,you will find a lot of people regularly pinning plus size clothing. So,in a nutshell all you really need is an account on all these social media. Once you find a design that you really like, snapshot it using your phone and save it for future reference. Make a collection of pictures of clothing and styles that you really liked. Now,when you go out shopping you know exactly what you are looking for.

Remember to remain Classy

plus size dress

At the age of forty and above, one should wear clothes that are not too revealing giving you a ‘wannabe’ kind of a look. There is nothing wrong in wearing short dresses but at age 40 and over I would go for atleast knee length dresses. They make you look elegant and gives you a slimmer appearance. AS we know and must have seen off the shoulder dresses are so in fashion. I would definitely go for these .I see no harm in exposing arms but I would be careful about my cleavage showing.Again,the only reason is you do not want a school girl look. You have your own personality and style. You don’t want to stand next to a school girl and looking exactly like her in appearance.

Being older and plus size does not condemn you to being less fashionable.It alos does not stop you from having fun or looking cute. Follow some simple guidelines,set yourself an aim and focus yourself on the style you really want yourself into.Then, Get the right dress and look elegant.Believe in yourself that you can rock it!

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Plus Size Dresses That Will Make You look much Younger

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