Awesome Plus Size Clothing for Men to Look Dashing…

Is plus size clothing for men what you’re after? Well,  it isn’t found everywhere! That’s just reality here. Most of us have a difficult time trying to dress slimmer than our current body size. Our bodies just require a lot of darn changes in terms of styles and accessories each new weekend, you and I know it!

Thankfully, you don’t need to shell out a lot of money or buy expensive pieces of clothing to look slim and dashing when it comes to our beloved plus size clothing for men or perhaps, thus of us in gay-ish style clothing. A niche for every one of us. You can easily purchase clothes from discount stores and the brands are not to be taken lightly as more brands like “Marks and Spencer” and “GAP” are now catering plus size clothing for men and women.

So looking good without spending a lot of money is not impossible, but rather, it’s doable.

If you want to look slimmer, here are some fashion tips. if you indeed qualify for plus size clothing for men!

Make use of vertical lines – vertical lines in clothing make you look slimmer and leaner because people are unconsciously drawn to looking at the lines up and down and thus, the illusion of looking slim and taller. Horizontal lining does the exact opposite –it makes you look short and fat.

Trouser tips – to look stylish and dashing, you should stick to straight cut jeans, denims, or chinos. At the right angle, a straight cut pair of pants can help you make look elongated and slimmer.

Shirt tips – one important advice here is to wear shirts that fit you. A lot of plus-sized individuals make the mistake of settling for the next shirt that they see in stores that fits them, even if it’s baggy. Baggy clothes are for 90’s rappers. Tight shirts are also a no-no as they tend to exaggerate both size and weight.

Neck tips – V-necks give off the impression of a longer neck and helps elongate your appearance vertically. It also compliments those with rounder face shapes.

Waistline tips – your waistline is probably the most problematic part of your body, especially if you’re a plus-sized individual. By proper combination of shirts and pants, you can actually reduce your waistline appearance. Too loose shirts will help add to the illusion of a bigger waist area and a tighter fit will exaggerate the curves.

Layering tips – to really pull off a slimmer and leaner look, layering plays a role in selecting the colors of your outfit. To achieve this, the layering needs to be done inwards. For example, a dark blazer over a light shade will create a nice vertical illusory line across the body. Mixing and matching the colors is important, so I will share one basic tidbit. Never go for dark and dark or light and light. If possible, one should always be darker than the other. In this case, going for a dark blue shirt means that you need a darker shade for the outerwear. Remember, the color blending needs to be inward. If you’re wearing three layers, it should be dark – light – dark. A dark blazer over a light vest over a dark shirt is a good example.

Now that I’ve covered the tips on how you can look dashing and dapper, it’s time for you know where you can buy affordable yet stylish plus-sized clothing for men. The list that I am about to share is not arranged in any order or preference.

Take note that there are still some stores that offer plus-sized clothing and may not be included in the list, but it doesn’t mean that they’re anything but good.

Nordstrom – Nordstrom is your best place to look for affordable stylish and luxurious plus-sized clothing for men. You cannot find their styles in any other store, so I have to give it to Nordstrom for having some of the best clothes for plus-sized men. Though a bit more expensive than the stores that I will be listing, Nordstrom makes up for it by their quality and amazing fits. Their popular products? The Nordstrom Trim Fit dress shirts and their 1901 and Calibrate.nordstrom

Macy’s – You can never go wrong with Macy’s plus size clothing for men, as it is a godsend! Just a fact here. Looking for affordable dress shirts, suits, or even a good pair of Levi’s? Macy’s is your store! Their Alfani brand is the brand to look out for as it provides you with a good selection of staples for everyday wear and your basics. Are you looking for something more formal, like a suit? Macy’s has those too. Every month, they reduce the prices of their trim fit Tommy Hilfiger suits to down to $250. Say what! Right? Exciting, indeed!

J. Crew – J. Crew is a mainstream staple for plus-sized brands. They are known for their amazing looking products and they boast of a wide range of selections. Their best known product is the Ludlow trim fit suit, a suit that could give Macy’s Tommy Hilfiger a run for their money. Because of their popularity, their style has become the basis for most styling trends in the market and despite the steep prices, they’re well worth every penny.

Some more alternatives like “GAP”, “Old Navy”, and “Banana Republic” come into mind when it comes to plus-sized clothing brands. These three are owned by the same company and make for amazing bargain shopping locations. For those on a tight budget, one can easily locate a good blazer or shirt in any of the three brands and trust me when I say that the money you spend for clothes in these stores will not go to waste.

Sure, the blazer may not be as fancy looking as “Nordstrom” but when you follow the tips that I listed above, people won’t be bothering you with the brand after they become speechless.

There you have it. These are the tips and tricks for plus-sized men to look dapper and dashing, and also a list of stores where you can find good plus-sized clothing. These places are ideal for those who’re shopping on a budget but don’t want to miss out on quality clothing. Make sure that you do enough research on the different brands for plus-sized clothing. Some of the brands you stumble onto during your research may be new, but it doesn’t mean that they’re not worth the attention.

Did I miss out on anything? Let me know your thoughts and experience with any of these brands. I can tell you, it can be a pain to find the very best plus size clothing for men, but the more aware I am with others in the know how as well, the better for both you and me! So what’s up in your latest purchase?

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Awesome Plus Size Clothing for Men to Look Dashing…

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