The Top 10 Places to Buy Affordable Plus Size Clothing for Women

“Where the heck are the places to buy affordable plus size clothing for women!” I read you, and even hear you already! There are a lot of shops and stores that cater to plus-sized women exclusively, but most of them end up being more expensive. But thankfully, there are affordable plus-sized clothing from stores, and this means that the quality is also very good. After doing extensive research and backed by experience, I have compiled a short list of stores that provide plus-sized clothing.

The thing about plus-sized fashion is that it’s difficult to find a specific dress mainly because of the size, so you end up jumping from one shop to another or you end up settling for something mediocre. With a little bit of effort and research, one can easily locate the stores that I am about to list online.

Traditionally speaking, it was difficult to find a size for plus-sized women so they had to be patient in terms of locating the perfect size. But now stores that accommodate plus-sized women, and even those that cater exclusively to plus-sized women, are popping up like mushrooms and they have their own fantastic collections and their own sense of style. Whether you’re looking for vintage or modern, these stores have it tall.

What store you go to is completely up to you. I am merely going to point you to the right direction.

But before I divulge the list, let me just point out one of the best top places to buy affordable plus size clothing for women: THE THRIFT STORE!

Thrift stores are home to an amazing collection of brands. When done right, thrift shopping can help you save hundreds of dollars on some of the best brands of clothing, and these includes plus-sized clothing. So don’t be afraid to go shopping in thrift stores. You’ll never know what you’ll find in these treasure chests. So definitely one of the top places to buy affordable plus size clothing for women!

So here’s my top places to buy affordable plus size clothing for women…

Torrid – I am not talking about the way you describe a kiss between lovers. Torrid is known for their retail outlets around the world and they are home to a wide array of clothes, accessories, and shoes. They also have a website where you can shop from the comforts of your own home. They are also known for having an awesome vintage collection for plus-sized individuals, so if vintage is your thing, Torrid is your new home.

Pin-up Girl Clothing – They provide amazing dresses for curvy women and they provide dresses that fit perfectly over any shape. They are a relatively new shop, opened in the year 1999, but they are already geared towards providing vintage clothing for girls and women like Torrid.

SWAK or Sealed with a Kiss – SWAK is a great shop with a wide collection for plus-sized women. One of the reasons why they’re famous is their vintage style. SWAK caters exclusively to plus-sized women so you really can’t go wrong with them.

Viva Dulce Marina – VDM is also an incredible brand with its own array of collections for plus-sized women of different sizes and shapes. One thing that separates them from the rest of the brands is that they have a section in their website that allows customers to post their pictures wearing their dress – kind of like a testimonial page. Did I mention that VDM caters exclusively to plus-sized women too? If you’re looking to get access to stylish clothes, VDM is your go-to store.

Unique Vintage – the name itself is a good description of their line-up of clothes. They cater to all sizes and their plus-sized section is too stellar to mention. What sets them apart is their return and exchange policy, so if you mistakenly ordered the wrong size, replacing and exchanging is as easy as 1-2-3.

Sears – the store that needs no introduction. Sears was one of the few stores that offered plus-sized clothing for women and back then, it wasn’t even an issue. They just felt that it was right to accommodate women of all sizes. Some Sears outlet today have Land’s End collections, which is an incredible collection of trendy plus-sized clothes.

Macy’s – like Sears, they have the biggest and best collections for plus-sized clothing, accessible via their numerous outlets scattered all across the USA or online. They carry brands like Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, and Ralph Lauren. They are also fond of discounts and huge sales, so keep an eye out for any of them.

DressBarn – DressBarn has been around for as long as Macy’s or Sears and is one of the first few stores that provide plus-sized clothing. They have a great selection of dresses for formal events and cocktails, and even have those dresses for casual wear and workplace get-up. DressBarn is a versatile store that provides the most designs for plus-sized women and this alone makes them one of the best shopping outlets for women of all sizes.

Eloquii – Originally owned by The Limited as part of their exclusive section for their plus-sized customers. After The Limited closed down, Eloquii came back as their own independent brand in 2014 and became one of the go-to places for anything plus-sized. They have their own line-up for formal, casual, and workplace garments that you can’t go wrong with. The prices are a bit steep, but the design and styles are of premium quality. One can never go wrong with Eloquii.

Gwynnie Bee – Gwynnie Bee is probably the most unique store on the list because they are a clothing rental service for plus-sized individuals. This is perfect for women who want to be up-to-date with the trends but don’t want to break their banks. With sizes from 10 to 32, they have a ton of selection to choose from and you can take a peek at their collection via their website.

Let’s get one thing straight here. Just because a store is not on the list it doesn’t mean they don’t have what it takes to give you a good selection of clothes. These are just some of my preferred stores based on experience and reviews.

If you have any brands or stores that you want me to check out, leave them at the comment section below. For now, how did you like the above mentioned places to buy affordable plus size clothing for women? I bet you’ve purchased quite enough times in quite a few spots from the mentioned above!

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The Top 10 Places to Buy Affordable Plus Size Clothing for Women

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