Modern Tricks to Look Good in Vintage Clothing

Modern Tricks to Look Good in Vintage Clothing

Depending the drink or perhaps the buying mood that saying, “old is new” is quite relevant – especially with vintage clothing.

Vintage clothing has a particular intellectual, awesome look, ideal for conservatives and wardrobe that’s definitely very affordable in a way that you may be able to find any piece of vintage clothing from the past decades in your own closet, your parents’, or even your grandparents’. Pick and choose, right.vintage

If you ever decide to get into vintage clothing, I must congratulate you. A lot of people are bringing the retro look back and it looks like this trend is going to stay for a while.


You have to know what the basics are in terms of vintage fashion. This is due to the fact that it can be overwhelming for anyone to mix and match certain pieces of clothing from two different decades. That’s something you don’t want, right?

If you want to get started with vintage clothing or fashion, here are some useful pointers.

Thrift stores for newbies

Vintage rhymes with thrift! Thrift stores, that is. Whenever you ask someone where they got their 90’s bellbottom pants from, chances are they’ll say they got it from a thrift store. If ever you’re in the lookout for vintage clothes, thrift stores are your best friends.

Classics and basics

Newbies (more like, newcomers) of vintage fashion should learn the difference between classics and basics. Basics, for starters, are those that are considered timeless – like a cardigan or a black dress since they date back as far as the 1950’s. Classics are those that come and go, like bell bottom flairs and a leather vest, but still considered as a staple for vintage clothing.

The quality

Quality of the vintage garment is important as they can be pretty costly. What’s the point in investing in vintage clothing if they’re more expensive than your own modern wear? Well, it’s because of their quality. Vintage wear are what they are today because they have lasted the wear and tear that time has thrown at them. Makers of vintage clothes paid more attention to detail and they were hand-crafted compared to the machine-churned pieces of clothing being marketed today. The durability of hand-crafted items will always be higher than that of machine-made items. Case in point, Rolls Royce cars are old and expensive, but they stand the test of time and still run smoother than a brand new Toyota

The undergarments

To maximize your vintage look, you have to look the part and this means that you also need to invest in vintage undergarment. Ladies’ undergarments back then are completely different from today’s lingerie in terms of style, shape, and look. Vintage undergarments were also part of the entire ensemble because they could affect how the clothes look from the outside.

Do your research

With everything that’s been said already, you still need to remember one thing about vintage clothing! That is,  you need to do your own darn good research! Yes indeed! When I say research, I mean pay attention to the condition of the item, what era/decade or moment it was popular, and how much it cost back then. Vintage fashion is not something to be taken lightly and it’s best for those who already know their way around fashion.

Vintage fashion, in a sense, can be too much to handle but when done right, you can pull off an amazing look that most designers would die for.

If you’ve already bought a handful of vintage clothing, or you have access to it, here are some modern tips to help you pull off the timeless vintage look:

Achieving the basic feel of vintage clothing

Vintage fashion is flashy, whether it’s a pair of pants your grandmother wore when she raided the dance floor or a piece of accessory your father wore over his suit and tie. The best way to get the basic feel of vintage clothing is to find balance. Because it can be too flashy, having more is not entirely the best thing for vintage fashion. More makes the style look too “costume-y”.


A vintage look can be amplified by a simple addition of any accessory – be it a pair of sunglasses, a bag, or even shoes. The best way to enhance any vintage look is to streamline it. Pick a color or two, and then blend the colors with the right accessories and not the other way around. When going for dark colors, be sure to incorporate a lighter shade of another dark color to enhance both shades.

Hair and make-up

Vintage fashion designers early at time didn’t have the efficiency concept of overdoing things, and this goes with hair and make-up as well (thx god for that!). One of the preferred ways for you to pull off a more believable vintage look, I’d say it’s if you kept things simple. Don’t overdo your hairstyle or make-up when wearing vintage wear – again, it makes the style look costume-y 🙂 Instead, make sure that everything is as simple as possible. For men, try to avoid wearing too much gel or wax. Just be sure to use what you need to remove the annoying cowlick or to get that desired slick-back style ala Johnny Depp.

Don’t be afraid to mix things up

Vintage clothing can look very out-dated when they’re left by their lonesome style. The beauty of vintage clothing lies in its innate nature of mixing. For example, an Edwardian blouse looks boring but when you mix it up with torn-up jeans circa 1990s or over a 1960’s black dress with a modern hairstyle, it’s going to blow people’s minds away.

Be mindful of the eras

Going full vintage is your goal, but don’t settle for one era. The great thing about vintage look is that through beautiful mixing, you can still achieve an updated and modern look. For example, look at Mad Men. How sharp they look with their suits even though they were limited to their colors and patterns. They were able to pull off a dashing debonair look for everyday wear with minimal effort. That’s your goal for vintage fashion.

This is just the beginning. You can still do a lot more in vintage fashion and everything can be perfected through experimentation.

With the different eras that have come and gone, the possibilities of mixing and matching are endless. Now, what do you think were the best eras for vintage fashion? Perhaps, we’re stepping on one right now? Uh, would love to read those reality thoughts!

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Modern Tricks to Look Good in Vintage Clothing

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