Top Notch Tips for Clothing and Lingerie for Plus Size Women

Picking women’s clothes are the same for everyone – whether you have a petite figure or a plus-sized figure, some of us with plus-sized figures, find it difficult to land a good set of clothes. However, surely not impossible. Brands like Macy’s and Sears make it easy for women like me to have access to plus-sized clothing, shoes, lingerie for plus size women and multiple accessory options.

Lingerie for plus size women is the same as everyone else’s. We are still slaves to trends and styles when it comes to picking an outfit that looks great on us. For this article, I am going to cover two important aspects – clothing and lingerie for plus size women.

Why these two, you ask?

Well, clothing for plus-sized women can be fickle and tricky, but when done right, clothes contribute to the illusion of a reduced and taller figure. Lingerie plays a role in enhancing a woman’s sexiness and plus-sized women are just as sexy as the rest of the women all over the world.

New is new and old is old

Unless you’re a fan of vintage and old clothes, it’s time to inspect your closet and remove those clothes that you don’t want to wear anymore – these include the clothes that no longer fit you or clothes that have been damaged over time. Sure, you can always hire a tailor to fix them or alter them, but some old clothes just need to be removed to make space for new ones.

Plan before you shop

Do you need an outfit for an important occasion? Like a corporate meeting or a night out with the girls? Plan your shopping first before you actually go shopping. This will help you avoid the hassles of being overwhelmed with too many choices. By the time you reach the mall, you’d already have a goal in mind as to what you need to buy. This includes your clothes, shoes, makeup, and accessories.

No high heels, no calluses

Calluses are not okay to have, contrary what anyone would have you believing. These are a headache to remove, and one of the quickest ways to get them is to wear high heels. High heels, in my opinion, can add a few inches but are not exactly what you need. You can add a few inches by wearing the right combination of stripes and dark colors.

Just say no!

Just say no!

Jackets and blazers

Part of your ensemble should always involve a blazer or a jacket, or at the very least allow a jacket or blazer to enhance it. When you’re out buying your jacket or blazers, make sure they fit your shoulders. Some people make the mistake of buying too tight or too wide, and you’ll be stuck with an awful looking ensemble.

Show some skin, but not too much

Showing some skin is all right, after it might as well be called “lingerie for plus size women” for a reason! Even for a thematic ensemble, but you have to follow a few rules to really pull it off. First, you only need to show one body part in your outfit. It could be your legs, your cleavage, or even your shoulders. This is so you don’t feel naked at all when you go out. You want to expose your assets, a.k.a. cleavage? Then hide your legs. This will draw all the attention to your curvaceous bosoms.

But your dress or ensemble can be enhanced to look better or ruined by one simple aspect – lingerie.

Most women believe that they don’t need to pay attention to the kind of lingerie they wear underneath because no one’s ever going to see them, but they’re all wrong.

I believe that women, even plus-sized women like me, can pull off a steamy lingerie look without any effort at all. So how does one pick out the perfect lingerie for plus size women?

Know your size!

Your assets are the reason and basis why you want to pick out the perfect lingerie. You want to show them off without having to show too much. The perfect lingerie that fits over your body figure will do a lot of things, like minimize the presence of your curves and draw all the attention to your assets. A lingerie that’s too tight will just be uncomfortable and you don’t want to feel uncomfortable for an entire day, do you?

Know your style

Don’t just pick any lingerie just because they look good on you. The most basic thing you need to consider when choosing lingerie is to know what your style is. Look in the mirror and wear nothing but lingerie. Do you feel sexy or confident wearing a particular style or set? Do you feel awkward? It’s all about gut instinct and sometimes, your judgment call on lingerie can be spot on 90% of the time.

Know the materials

Silk, cotton, polyester… These mean anything to you? Well, if you know, congratulations. You’re one of the few who know the different kinds of materials used in making lingerie. Much like any piece of clothing, knowing the kind of fabric made or used for lingerie is key to comfort. You just don’t want to pick that bra out just because it’s made of silk. You don’t want to wear that corset just because it’s made from a combination of silk and leather. It still boils down to comfort and the slight feeling of daring and being bold.

Know the colors

Lingerie stand out, believe it or not, even when covered by your dress or clothes. Colors are just not picked randomly or out of fancy. If you want to convey your mood or to match the color of the event you’re attending, you need to pay attention to the colors. Are you going to wear a lighter shade for your dress? Avoid neon colored lingerie. Do you want to look good in your office blouse? Wear black or brown. Wear the colors that compliment your complexion and your skin color.

Did I miss out on any important detail or advice on how to dress up? Tell me in the comments section below.

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Top Notch Tips for Clothing and Lingerie for Plus Size Women

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