Awesome Ways To Look Good in Plus Size Clothes

Looking for plus size clothes that fit perfectly? Stop it there! There’s never going to be that blouse, shirt, dress, or pair of pants that will ever fit your body, or even go well with your body type for that matter. This is true for plus size clothes for many of us, as we often have more curves (not to be confused with the term FAT) and a little bit more in terms of size. Nothing to be ashamed!

Finding clothes that will make us, plus-sized folks look good can be a bit of a challenge, but it’s neither impossible nor difficult.

But thankfully, the fashion industry is now gearing towards providing plus size clothes for branded and non-branded line of clothing, or in other words, clothes that are intended for him or her. The designs of these clothes are not only limited to size, but they also possess functionality.

This article will cover how men and women can look ‘darn’ good as we often like to put it, but in plus-size clothes.

For women:

No to tights and tight-fitting clothes – If I’m going to make one rule about wearing plus-sized clothing, it’s NO TIGHTS or NO TIGHT-FITTING CLOTHES. You may think that tight clothes will make you look smaller, but it does the complete opposite. It’s going to exaggerate both your size and weight visually.

Less is more – Subtlety is the game when it comes to plus-sized clothing, and for plus-sized individuals, the need for subtlety can make you look good. Try to avoid clothes with too much embroidery or stitch designs as they can be too distracting. Too much design can make your clothing look like an art canvass.

Loose clothing is bad too – If tight clothing are bad, then so are loose clothing. Confusing? Let me explain. Unless you really dig the 90’s hip-hop fashion, then loose clothing is something that you don’t want to wear because it’s going to exaggerate your size visually too. You want your clothes to accentuate, not exaggerate. Too loose clothing will make you look like something draped you over with a curtain. If you have to wear something loose, make sure that the excess cloth drapes over you just right. It shouldn’t be something like a huge tablecloth covering a small table or a large curtain draped over a small window.

black-dress-plus-size-1Black over orange – Colors can do wonders when it comes to hiding something from plain sight and darker colors do better than light colors. The color philosophy revolves around the minimized amounts of shading coming from darker colors, so it actually makes you look smaller. It’s all about perception. Darker shades also make it easy to mix and match.

Accessorize – Accessories can help you add pizazz to your wardrobe, but following rule #2, less is more. You don’t want to look like an Egyptian queen draped in endless amounts of jewellery. A small bag or a medium-sized pearl earring can make enhance your overall wardrobe, but exaggerating can do the opposite.

For men:

Plus-sized men can be a little trickier than women when it comes to plus size clothes, but the philosophies pretty much stay equal (or to the very least quite similar) when it comes to picking out plus-sized clothing. You have to consider two things: balance of color and the size of the clothes.

Bright colored shirts can make you look bigger while dark colored shirts can make you look smaller. It’s all about looking proportional without looking exaggerated.

Here’s how men should go about with their plus size clothes so they look good…

Wear clothes that fit – don’t bother with loose or tight-fitting clothing. Rather, go for a more streamlined look by wearing clothes that fit your body. What do I mean by this? Tight clothes can exaggerate your size and loose clothes can exaggerate your weight visually. But like Goldilocks, clothes that fit are just right because they’re not too large and not too small. If you have to wear tight clothes, be sure that they don’t make you look like you squeezed yourself into it.

Invest on a tailor – This might be something new or odd, but a tailor can be a lifesaver especially if you’re in dire need of a good suit, especially if it is plus size clothes. People believe this is a perk for the rich, but it really isn’t! Fact is, prices vary according to city and they’re often free when you shop in the same place you’re intending to wear or buy new cloth. Tailors definitely can help when it comes to plus size clothes. You name it,  wardrobe due to the customization. They can make clothes that will fit your body type perfectly and they will even provide you with custom suggestions on how you should purchase your clothes.

Wear clothes that fit the occasion – You don’t have to be restricted to wearing clothing just because they’re the only ones available for your size. A bright colored flannel shirt for a funeral will send the wrong message, and trust me, your size is not an excuse as to why you can’t get clothes that fit you (see paragraph above about a tailor).

Lines are your friends and enemies – Vertical lines are your friends, horizontal lines are your enemies. This has something to do with visual perception. Virtual lines can make your body look taller and hence, virtually slimmer. Horizontal lines can elongate your body because the person looking at you will have to look from left to right. The up and down eye movement from wearing vertically lined clothing will give off the illusion of a taller and leaner you.

There are so much that you can do when it comes to wearing plus-sized clothing. The fact that just because you’re big doesn’t mean that you should limit yourself to big pieces of clothing and that you have to limit yourself to how you look due to the clothes you wear.

You can look good when you wear plus-sized clothes but you have to make sure that it visually makes you look good. The philosophies shared above are all about trying to make you look visually smaller and try to make you look as subtle as possible.

Proportion is the key here to making you look as dapper as James Bond or Jennifer Lawrence. Some actors and actresses, like Jonah Hill and Rebel Wilson, still ramped up the Red Carpet during the Oscars because they followed the rules on wearing plus-sized clothing. Adele, who you see on her music videos, wears darker colors that drape over her body just right so it gives off the illusion that she’s smaller. It’s all about balance.

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Awesome Ways To Look Good in Plus Size Clothes

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