I think the “About Us” should really be about you! Not “about us!” so to speak. The majority of us are so use to the traditional page that we love creating one. Well, here’s a new twist to it.

We are here for these specific purposes:

  • Helping you get the very best wholesale clothing available online and at our local stores
  • Me and my partner are here to tell you, exactly, what you need to get the best fashion, apparel and suggestions on how to deal with wholesalers, distributors and suppliers
  • You’ll read plans on “what to do” and “how to do” certain – you guessed it – wholesale activities to earn money, save money and to even dress well at bargain prices for you and yours!

So in a nutshell, stick with us! Read from our blog postings. We would surely love to read about your thoughts and I’ll be ecstatic if you can also share some golden nuggets on the topics posted.

There you’ve it! An “About Us” that makes sense, one that talks about what we can offer to you, instead about the traditional “me, me, me” syndrome that most of us carry. You’ll have time to get to know me and my partner in my blog post, for now, enjoy our postings! We are excited to have created this blog for a specific tight group online.