8 Surefire Tips for Buying Affordable Plus Size Clothing

In the look out for buying affordable plus size clothing? Plus sized women like me have one challenge – to dress up like a model every time we leave home! A decade ago or so, it was difficult to locate dresses, shirts, pants, shoes, and even lingerie that would fit us – but thankfully – we are now blessed with an abundance of stores and brands that can accommodate plus-sized women like me. Alleluya! On top of that, I don’t even have to spend a lot of money to buy the clothes that I need.

Sadly, not everyone knows how buying affordable plus size clothing because I know enough friends that still spend thousands of dollars a year on clothing without a need to do so. At best, I spend around $100 to $300 on new clothes a year and at certain clothing dates of the calendar year.

What’s my secret? Knowing how to buy, where to buy, and when buying plus size clothing is ideal. It definitely doesn’t take a lot of effort. It’s all about smart buying and since this is obviously a blog about helping out,  check these outs if you’re in the US like me, a Florida pumpkin here!

Before I proceed, lets break one common misconception…


Now, really? 

It just isn’t true when people say the more expensive clothes you have, in fact, the better? Oh no! Need to ring a healthy B.S alarm real quick here as I have two Marshall stores 2.5-3.0 miles away or so on my end, so that’s for starters! Just look at Kanye West’s line of $400 plain white shirts – you can practically get the same shirt from “Hanes” or “Burlington” at lower price tags ($3 a pop, give or take) , and it’ll surely look the same as buying the same glorified cloth for $100’s!

So yes indeed, drop everything you know about how expensive clothes are better, and highly consider a practice of, well, being way more practical here as it surely might help your looks, and your wallet. It just works here.  Bottom line, you’ll ‘almost’ always $benefit$ from it! Am I right here? 🙂

So here are some top notch suggestions that’ll guarantee most of us (indeed!) a wallet-friendly shopping experience:

Go for what looks best on you! Rather than going for “what’s in the moment” and “what’s hot”, go instead for;  “what’s best!”. BOOM! You know it sounds better. Obviously it ain’t going to help you save a lot of money if you have to shell out a lot for the new flavor of the month, a.k.a,  new fashion craze that you might wear 1-2 times. Rather, going for what’s best will help many of us focus on the bare necessities or essentials when it comes to buying affordable plus size clothing.

For example, buying a haltered dress from Macy’s and a haltered dress from a designer boutique will be two different shopping experiences. When you shop with Macy’s, chances are you’re going to get the dress at a cheaper rate and on top of that, they’ll have the size that you want. If you go for the latter, then you may pay up more than Macy’s but that’s just about it. In terms of functionality, there’s not that much difference between the two haltered dresses. So this is something to think about for buying affordable plus size clothing.

thriftThrift shops – I don’t mean the song “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore, but he does indeed have a point. Thrift shops are the way to go when you want to shop on a tight budget. The selection may be a bit random, but with some digging, you can find some good brands and sizes too. Thrift shops are also home to vintage clothes.

Go for new arrivals – part of thrift shopping is to go for the new arrivals. As you proceed your way to the thrift store, work your way from the new arrivals down to the inner section of the store. You’ll have access to clothes that people have yet to see, and they’re still fresh and new off the bag.

Browsing through – the second part of thrift shopping is to browse through everything, and I mean everything. Every nook and cranny, every corner, every closet, every basket. This will allow you to broaden your choices and help you pick out the best clothes for you while you’re still in the shop. The better part of thrift shopping is that it totally provides a different shopping experience compared to shopping in Sears or Macy’s.

Online shopping – internet shopping provides you the complete shopping experience folks get locally at stores most of the time! In the comforts of your own home and the best part about these online stores is that they are much like any other store with a physical location – they offer sales, discounts, and even coupons to help you save on money. If you’re going to frequent one or two online shopping sites, then sign up for a newsletter so you can enjoy the benefits of getting to know when the next sale will be and some coupons every week.

Department stores – If you’re looking for cheaper alternatives, department stores can help you locate premium brands at lower prices. Sure, you just have to deal with the slight challenge of finding the right fit but you can always hire a tailor to alter your clothes after you buy them.

Coupons and sales – I grew up in a family that appreciated coupons and sales. My grandmother and mother were avid collectors of coupons and it became a family thing to just cut coupons up from newspapers and magazines. It turned into a habit and as I grew older, I realized that my mother and grandmother were on to something. Coupons and sales are your greatest assets in helping you buy a lot of items for the lowest price possible.

Try the clothes on first – Don’t jump the gun in buying clothes just because they look nice. Who knows? Just because it’s big doesn’t mean it’ll fit you or it will look good on you. This is often the most ignored piece of advice in terms of buying affordable plus-sized clothing, but sometimes, it happens to the best of us. Not too long ago I bought a pencil skirt on impulse because the waist size was same as mine. I did not try it out so I didn’t know if it would fit me. It didn’t, so I ended up wasting $25 on that skirt.

As an added measure in buying clothes from thrift shops and department stores, hire a tailor to do alterations for you. They might cost you a bit more but they go a long way in customizing a dress or skirt according to your fit. The main point in all of this is buying affordable plus size clothing as cheap as possible, so an extra dollar or so, on alterations, is forgivable.

Did I miss out on any advice for buying affordable plus size clothing? Share me your thoughts here. Tell me in the comments section below.

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8 Surefire Tips for Buying Affordable Plus Size Clothing

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