5 Places Where You Can Buy Plus Size Clothing for Men Online

Places Where You Can Buy Plus Size Clothing for Men Online

As a man belonging to the plus-sized category, I know for a fact how difficult it is to buy plus size clothing for men – especially during the time when the Internet was not so popular amongst households.

My options were limited. It was difficult to locate a good shirt, a pair of jeans, shorts, and even undergarments. Don’t even get me started on the shoes – they posed a different challenge altogether. I remember a time when my mother and I would visit every thrift store to see what they had in store for big folks like me, but my options were limited. The best that I could do was yank the biggest shirts and pants possible and pray to God that they fit.

But now, the Internet has changed the way plus-sized folks like me shop. Gone are the days when it was a chore to buy plus size clothing for men. Now, I shop for my clothes online. Thanks to the many designers and brands that accommodate plus-sized individuals like me, I am no longer out of options and it’s been easier to find shirts, pants, shorts, shoes, and even undergarments that I actually want to wear.

Shopping online was not my only option. Brick and mortar stores and retailers popped out of nowhere and carried various brands and designs of plus-sized clothing. Like I said, the brands and designers out there are now making it possible for big men and women  to feel stylish and fashionable.

But before I begin to share my top 5 places to buy plus size clothing for men online, I have to share one important tip: DO YOUR RESEARCH. Just because it’s an XXL doesn’t mean that it’s going to fit you instantly. I remember a time when I bought an XXL Velour tracksuit because it was the biggest size in their catalogue. I regretted the purchase because the Velour tracksuit was bigger than me. I’m not going to say what brand it was, but for the point of this discussion, don’t immediately assume that you’re going for the biggest size in the catalogue.

With that said, it helps to have a tailor to give you your exact chest, waist, and arm measurements so you’ll be able to purchase clothes that fit perfectly.

So what are my top 5 places to buy plus-sized clothing online?

Eddie Bauer


Eddie Bauer is more than just your go-to place for adventure and sporting wear. They also have an assorted line-up of casual wear like shirts, pants, sweaters, hoodies, shorts, jeans, sleepwear, shoes, and accessories. They almost always have a huge sale going on in their website, so it helps to buy plus size clothing for men during these times.eddie-bauer

What I like about the brand:

I highly recommend Eddie Bauer for your casual or sportswear. The designs are amazing and the materials of the clothes feel comfortable. Though they do charge extra for bigger sizes, it’s not going to be a deal-breaker.

The Gap


Everyone’s heard of GAP, and this is my second go-to online store when it comes to buy plus size clothing for men. Like Eddie Bauer, they have everything you need for everyday wear, jeans, pants, shorts, joggers, underwear and socks, shoes, shirts, and polos. Don’t be fooled by the models in their website. GAP is known to have an amazing catalogue for plus-sized individuals like me and you, so you don’t feel left out.

What I like about the brand:

The price is definitely one of the best things this brand will give you. They have great sales and discounts every month and it’s almost a good way to save money when you’re buying clothes. The style and design of their clothes is minimalistic and the large-sized clothes fit just right.

Banana Republic


Much like GAP, Banana Republic is your alternative for casual wear. Of course, they roughly share the same catalogue as GAP but carry a different brand name. The prices, though, can be a little higher but they make up for it by providing you with sales and discounts. Banana Republic also provides really good corporate outfits and blazers, and yes, they have a catalogue for big guys like me and you.

What I like about the brand:

The suits and blazers drew me to Banana Republic and you cannot get any better suit from any other store than Banana Republic. When paired with their line-up of Chinos and denims, you’re sure to turn heads with your ensemble. Did I mention that Banana Republic has The Looks – roughly a starter pack of sorts for the ultimate wardrobe. The Looks has 10 outfits with 10 clothes and you can mix and match them as you want – perfect way to buy plus size clothing for men in bulk.

Old Navy


When it comes to brass taxes about plus-sized clothing, Old Navy does not disappoint. If Banana Republic and GAP does not have the style of clothes that I want, Old Navy will have it. Old Navy is like that old uncle of yours in the family – always reliable and always there when you need them. Old Navy has a very fashionable catalogue and unlike Banana Republic and GAP, the colors are brighter. I almost always get my summer outfit from Old Navy because they just have that summer look even during the winter.

What I like about the brand:

They’re relatively cheaper than Banana Republic, but of course, they’re under one company – GAP. But still, they have seasonal sales that reduce prizes by as much as 50%.



If stores were part of a family, Walmart would be the grandfather figure. Walmart is a name that needs no introduction and is one of the first few stores that carried plus-sized clothing for men and women. Carrying different brands, Walmart is an amazing smorgasbord of styles and designs. You’ll never run out of options when you’re in Walmart. NEVER.

What I like about the brand:

It’s not so much as a brand but rather this is the place to go when you don’t have GAP, Banana Republic, or Old Navy in your area.

There you have it folks. These are my top 5 places to buy plus size clothing for men online.



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5 Places Where You Can Buy Plus Size Clothing for Men Online

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